Friday, January 22, 2010

Chiplun and back

So I'm back again from an amazing trip to Chiplun. I will write all about the trip, things I did there with pictures when my sister uploads them. But there are a million things that I learnt on this trip.

Chiplun is this small sleepy town. Driving there is great fun and is an ideal rest stop between Goa and Mumbai. Now that the advertisement for that is over.. I had the weirdest time there. I had a lot of time to think and generally is not a good thing.

Coming back to the things I learnt, I realised what it means to be close to your family. What it meant rather. People grow up and go to different corners of the world but something back home pulls you all together once a year. My uncle narrated all his childhood stories to me. Generally, I get bored with such stuff but I was damn interested to know what is it that one call from the matriarch and the extended family came from all corners of the country even if it was for a couple of hours.

While driving around in Chiplun, I realised that the stories I heard from my grandparents of how they walked for miles to go to school werent exactly the stories of the past. Till today, there are children who walk God knows how much to get to school.

Makes me wonder of which bubble do I live in? The bubble where everything is simple, easy. Where money talks volumes. What do I value? And why?

Joys in life are simple. Like 3 days of heaven by the beach with friends. Like 2 days spent with a 2yr old running around calling me Maushi (aunt). When did this life become a rat race?

More importantly, how do I get where I want to? How do I keep myself intact? How I prevent myself from getting lost?

This was supposed to  be a happy post about happy times. But there is something about being back that comforting yet unsettling. I promise to come back with happy post with happy pictures of my days there. Loads of beaches and beautiful scenery!

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shwe said...

aww...seems like a nice place rash...i had similar feelings ven i had gone to kashmir n mu uncle n dad had shown me all d nooks n corners where dey had grown up n done all kind of mischeif...but u knw vat rash though it might nt show in d bubble we are presently in...but it still is a part of doesnt get lost...